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Pug Keychains and keyrings

You are looking for a shiny and remarkable keychain? Here you go, we offer you a selection of pug keychains.


People were using keyrings in times as far back as 1400 AD. Keychains became widely popular in the 1950’s and 60’s, since the production for plastic products became widely available for consumer goods.


Even though many people use the word keychain in keyring to describe the same thing, they are different. A keychain is a pendant or charm which is connected to a keyring, or key by a chain or the pendant is connected directly. In most cases you get a ring with the keychain, that’s the keyring.


The purpose of a key ring is to sort and bundle keys if you have to carry a bunch of them. The older versions of key rings had a clasp, but nowadays it’s mostly made from bent steel.

Key pendants