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Pug Pendants & Necklaces

You are looking for highly fashionable Pug Necklaces & Pendants? So here you go, you found definitely the right shop! All of our jewelry is pug themed to celebrate the pug life. Wether if it’s Mops, Mopshond, Pug, Doguillo, パグ, or whatever you call the love of our lives in your country, get your personal pug necklace today. Buy your favorite Pug Necklace today!

Historical Facts

Necklaces are one of the oldest forms of jewelry. Even people in the stone age were wearing necklaces. The pendants in that time were made from materials like bone, feathers, shells and wood.  Nowadays not only the pendants, but the chain is made from metal too. Popular materials for charms and chains today are silver, gold, zinc-alloy or stainless steel.


Amulets are alleged to have the magical power to protect their owners either from a specific bad thing, or just in general. An amulet is not necessarily a pendant, it is just an item which purpose is to protect its owner.


Talismans differ from amulets, since a talisman might have different powers than just protecting its owner. It might grant luck, health, wealth or other benefits for the person who owns it.


Trinkets are small fancy ornaments or some sort of jewelry. Mostly it describes the pendant of a necklace, but it can be any showy piece of jewelry.

Classifications for necklaces

  • Choker
    35cm – 41cm/14 inches – 16 inches
  • Princess necklace
    45cm – 50cm/18 inches – 20 inches
  • Matinee necklace
    56cm – 58cm/22 inches – 23 inches
  • Opera necklace
    75cm – 90cm/30 inches – 35 inches
  • Rope necklace
    anything longer than 90cm
  • Lariat necklace
    like a rope necklace but without a clasp


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