Heart Necklace “Pug Mom”


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You are the best pug mom in the world? Here is our necklace just for you! Our Heart Necklace “Pug Mom” let’s you shine in every situation. It’s definitely an eyecatcher and it makes you get noticed as what you are: a proud pug mom.

  • Loud colors
    The loud highlighting contrast colors you can choose from, will draw everyones attention.
  • Multiple colorways
    You can select from a variety of highlighting colors, to match it with your favorite accessories or outfits in your wardrobe.
  • Eye-Catching
    The flashy and showy design of the pendant will catch all eyes on sight. Maybe not at the first glance, but at least at the second!

Everyone knows the “Pug Life” meme/hashtag cult on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So do I and I draw my inspiration from this trend, to create a necklace for the bimbo pug moms.



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Charm measurements

2cm * 2cm