Enameled Mosaic Pug Necklace "Paulette" with multicolor colorway pug pendant on a silver colored chain

Mosaic Pug Necklace “Paulette”

This is our enameled Mosaic Pug Necklace “Paulette” for all the pug moms out there.
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This is our enameled Mosaic Pug Necklace “Paulette” for all the pug moms out there.
Wether you go out to some social event, or you just walk the pug – this necklace makes you stand out!
The inspiration for this necklace comes from the mosaic technique. It is an ancient art technique which dates back to the Mesopotamian culture 2,700 BC.

  • Vibrant colors
    The vibrant colors of our Mosaic Pug Necklace “Paulette” are eye-catching.
  • Adjustable chain length
    The length of the chain can be easily adjusted.
  • Unique design
    The unique design of the Mosaic Pug Necklace “Paulette” makes sure you get the attention you deserve.
  • Multiple colorways
    Match it with your favorite Outfits, use it as a highlight or combine it with other accessories.

“Paulette” has the symbolized heart on her chest to underline your connection to your pug and to make sure you always cary the heart of your love close to your heart.

It’s part of our enameled mosaic collection, check out the other pieces.

The necklace is absolutely free of nickel, so you don’t need to worry about allergic reactions of your skin while you wear it.

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Chain length


Charm measurements

44mm * 38mm