“Origami” Pug Face Necklace

This is our “Origami” Pug Face Necklace for all the pug moms out there.
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Here is our “Origami” Pug Face Necklace, which is obviously inspired by Origami, which is an ancient paper folding technique from Japan. The origins of this technique date back about 700 years.

  • Elegant color
    The elegant and classic colors silver or gold are easy to combine with your existing apparel.
  • Fashionable design
    The highly fashionable design shows off your exquisite fashion taste.
  • Luxury appeal
    Even though the price is far away from the luxury segment, the necklace is very appealing.

The inspiration for the Origami Pug Necklace Collection came from my time as exchange student in Tokio. Japanese people are really going extraordinary crazy about pugs. So I really enjoyed my time there.


Additional information

Chain length

42cm + 5cm

Charm measurements

25mm * 20mm