An Origami Pug Necklace with a silver pug pendant - which is inspired by the Japenese Art called Origami - on a silver chain

“Origami” Pug Necklace

This is our “Origami” Pug Necklace with its unique charm silhoutte.
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This is our “Origami” Pug Necklace with its unique charm silhouette. The necklace subtle states the priority in your life – your pug! It is clearly inspired by the Japanese paper folding technique – called Origami. If you don’t want to be as loud with your outfit, this classic pendant is the right choice for you.

  • Classy look
    The classy colorways are easy to combine with other accessories.
  • Unique design
    It’s from Japanese Origami inspired shape is perfect for everyone who wants to make a discreet statement.
  • Two colorways
    Match it with your favorite Outfits, use it as a highlight or combine it with other accessories.

I am still influenced by my time as exchange student in Tokio, since I really enjoyed it there. This love is reflected by the Origami Pug Necklace Collection.

Additional information

Chain length

42cm + 5cm

Charm measurements

25mm * 22mm