Return & Refund Policy

We provide our customers with a 60 days return and refund policy. Since our goal is to make you happy, we will try our best to solve all issues without big drama. Please don’t open a case on PayPal without contacting us first.

How to return your order

If your order arrives broken, or you get another product than you have ordered, please contact us. And we are going to refund you or send you another item. Since we had problems in the past with false claims of broken or wrong delivered orders, please send us a picture of the products you want to return.

How do I get a refund

It is actually working the same way like you return your order. Contact us and we try our best to find a way to make you happy. Please don’t open a case on PayPal without giving us the chance to sort this issue.

Contact us

You can either contact us via our contact form, or you send an email to Please don’t contact us on social media for refunds and returns.
We need the following informations when you contact us for a refund or return:

  • Your order number, which you got per email with your order receipt
  • The Reason why you want to return your order or get a refund for your order
  • In case of wrong or broken products, we need a picture of the products as a proof

Please notice that we will reply to the email you made the order with for security reasons in case you contact us with a different email.