What the pug is going on here?!

We are proud to announce the launch of our website on the end of the first month of 2018! The shop is live now, so make sure you grab some Pug Jewelry with our 20% off launch discount code.
But we didn’t create this site only to sell our necklaces, rings and keychains. We created this website to provide you with many articles about the lifestyle of a pug mommy or daddy and much more. So stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter.
So here is a quick forecast about what we have planed for the near future of this website.


We are going to share facts about pugs, but not so obvious things you all know anyways. These facts will be historical, inspirational, funny or just “nice to know“. So if you like facts and educate yourself, prepare for our first Pug Fact within the next two weeks.

Weekly Pug News Round-up

In the sooner future we are going to start our new weekly pug news round-up posts. There we are going to list and report all the mentions of pugs in the media. Did you know that George, the pug in the new movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle showed up to the premiere in a really royal and kings-like outift?

What a cute boy, how he enjoys all the attention.

The “Circle of the Pug”

Join our mailing list – The Circle of the Pug – to always stay informed about what’s going on and what’s trending in the Puglife. We are not spamming you with marketing mails, promised. You will get value out of each newsletter when you love pugs. So try it…you will love it!

More jewelry

When we are going to succeed with our store, we will add more products soon. Bracelets, piercings, rings are in the planning and more necklaces, keychains and earrings too! And since people like our logo so much, we think about a clothing line too.

More products

There is nothing fix yet but we have many things in pipeline which we could propably add to our store. Just to name two things which are most pug heads hyped about…costumes and bandanas.

Mockup for our first t-shirt


If you love pugs, make sure to follow us on Instagram! We post the cutest pug pics and we are going to give away a freebie in a raffle when we hit 1000 followers. And there is more exclusive content planned for our social media channels in the future…so stay tuned and enjoy the pug life.

If you want to learn more about our motivation to raise this shop, check out our about page.

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My name is Lilli and I am the founder of Pug Jewelry. Pugs are my love and passion since my 12th birthday. This was when I met "Paula", she was the pug of one of my class mates. And she introduced me to the overflowing cuteness of pugs.

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